Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are generally held on the third Friday of every month, or as set forth below:

May 20  -- Business Process Management in Healthcare Delivery

Our next meeting of Health TechNet will be held on Friday, May 20 from noon to 2 pm at Nelson Mullins’ offices in Washington, D.C. It will be an in-person event. A zoom link will be available (see below) but we encourage you to attend in person so that we can return to our normal roundtable interactive environment!

The theme of the meeting will be Business Process management and Healthcare Delivery: Are They Related? The global business process management (BPM) market was valued at 12 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is forecast to grow to 26.8. billion U.S. dollars by 2028.  Driven by globalization, digitalization, supply chain evolution, technology innovation including cloud, low-code systems and workflow automation, there are several multibillion dollar, multinational companies that have been leading the industry for decades in BPM, including IBM, Oracle, OpenText, Tibco, Fujitsu, and another couple of dozen you've likely never heard of.  

BPM is heavily used in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Defense, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy and Education, and enjoys strong support from international standards development organizations, such as the Object Management Group (OMG).  

In this presentation, we will provide some basic definitions and description of BPM, describe the relatively low penetration of these technologies in healthcare information technology systems, and what's being done to improve that, with resultant improvements in service quality, reduction in costs and lost time, and improvement in health care service value.

We will have four distinguished speakers:

-Jim Oakes, Adjunct Professor of Health Informatics, George Mason University

-Lloyd Dugan, BPM Expert

-Joe Bormel, Chief Medical Officer, Cognitive Medical Systems

-Ken Rubin, Community Coordinator, BPM+ Health

If you would like to attend virtually via Zoom, please register in advance for the meeting using this link:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the meeting.

It’s also that time of the year to renew your membership in Health TechNet and pay your annual dues if you have not already done so for 2022.  This year our dues are a modest $175 per year per organization (a reduction from the previous $225 due to a number of virtual meetings, which hopefully are over with!) Along with fostering commitment to the group, the dues enable us to cover the costs of our meals and other expenses.  An invoice is attached, and you can bring a check to the meeting or send me one at David Main’s Nelson Mullins address below.  (There is also an option to pay via Zelle, as described on the invoice.) Thanks to all of you for your continued loyalty and participation in this splendid group.

The meeting will be held in Nelson Mullins 9th floor Rotunda Room. The address is 101 Constitution Avenue NW, Ninth Floor. There is easy access to the office by Metro and car, and parking is available in the building at a cost to the member of around $25. Directions and a map are attached.  (The parking entrance is on 2nd street on the west side of the building.) Please note that in DC and at Nelson Mullins, masks are not now required but are encouraged in the common areas, along with common sense social distancing.

A light lunch will be served. Your RSVP as soon as possible would greatly assist us with the food count and name tags, as would your notifying us in the event you accept but later cannot attend so we don’t waste your dues money on extra meals.

We look forward to seeing you once again on May 20! 

David Main and Jim Oakes